Monday, October 19, 2009

some furniture

i was looking around a couple of design websites i like, and found some sweet stuff i thought i would share. i'll try to make this a weekly sort of thing, but with how busy i am, don't count on it just yet.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

the semester thus far

so i have been terrible at keeping this blog current, which is no surprise to myself. now that school has been going on for just over a month, my projects are starting to take their course.

i am in the motorola sponsored studio, and our goal is to design a communication tool for developing nations. during the research phase, our class was broken into groups, and i was part of the group assigned to africa. we created a blog about our research, so check it out!

it's been pretty fun so far working on this project. my concept is an educational device that utilizes IR cameras to create a digital whiteboard for teachers. africa has a 60% illiteracy rate, and around 46million children do not attend school. the aim of this device is to teach students the basics of reading, writing, and math, as well as connecting with other students and information from around the world. i have a pretty good direction so far, but any comments, questions, or ideas on the project so far would be great!

other than that, the rest of my classes are of typical ccs fashion... lots of work. ill post some images of what im doing as the semester moves along.

and finally, i have to say that united are doing well so far. not the best of games today against sunderland, but we managed to nick a last minute equalizer and walk away with a point. we still sit top of the table, but that could change after the liverpool-chelsea match tomorrow! as always, when someone asks me who i want to win a liverpool-chelsea match, i hope both teams severely injure each other and walk away with a draw. if it were up to me, i wish both could lose the match, but thats impossible.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

the city verdict

so was not very impressed by manchester city. for all the money spent signing quality players, there sure was quite a bit of sloppy ball control. they started out quick too, adebayor scored a belter 2 minutes into the match. then it was kinda downhill from there. ireland had a smooth finish at the end to finish the match 2-nil. blackburn looked alright, they didnt seem to have a solid goalscorer in the line-up.

there is a lot of talk in the press of whether or not city can break into the top 4. if they do manage to take someone's spot, the best chance it would be arsenal's. judging by today's match, i don't see it as a real possibility. hughes needs to time to find a system that works best. he's said it already, this will take time.

arsenal is on at 230pm. excited to see how they perform.

first day of the premiership

just watched the opening game of the premiership between chelsea and hull city. chelsea dominated the match, as expected, but hull did alright themselves. chelsea kept good possession the entire game, and had a ton of opportunities. they did look a little sloppy at times, but still were able to get through since hull's defense wasn't looking too hot themselves.

hull opened the scoring on a weak goal that deflected off two chelsea players in the box. but didier drogba answered a bit later with a hell of a free kick just outside the box. he also game to save the day in the closing minutes with a gorgeous loft over hull's keeper, myhil.

in all, not a bad game. hull were kept in it myhil, who made so great stops. drogba had two fantastic goals and played well all around. i was quite impressed by chelsea's jose boswinga, though. he jumped in on the rushes up the right flank. had nice crosses into the middle, and created some nice chances.

now its time to decide whether or not it will be blackburn/man city or aston villa/wigan. i like villa alot, but i am also curious to see how mark hughes will send out city's squad.

Friday, August 14, 2009

the new campaign starts...

so i'm not doing so hot on keeping this blog current. not much has happened since my last post, but i have been keeping strong tabs on the countdown to the start of manchester united's 2009/10 campaign. the season kicks off on saturday, but united start up sunday against newly promoted birmingham.

the past couple days, all the journalists have began writing up their predictions, which are all quite varied. seems this year is gonna be a wicked one. the traditional big four of united, chelsea, liverpool, and arsenal are all going into the season under a lot of pressure, and each could very well win the title. but i think the most exciting part of this season will be the battle between aston villa, tottenham, man city, and everton to knock arsenal from their 4th place spot.

now obviously, our biggest problem is filling the void left by ronaldo. as much as i hate the bastard, he was our best player and a phenomenal talent. he was incredibly to watch and could win a match by himself. he was great against the big clubs, and destroyed the lower half of the division. hell of a gap to fill. we got a bag load of cash for him though (£80mil). only problem now, who to spend it on. there was ton of flexing in the transfer market, with madrid, chelsea, and city being linked to every major star in the world. anytime a word would leak of a united target, the next day's gossip columns already had them linked with the abover four. benzema is who i was really hoping we would pick up. he is a solid striker who could bag goals in the fashion of van nistelrooy. but the 'galacticos II' project going on at madrid swiped him away. instead we got michael owen, which was totally out of the blue for me. at first i was stunned to say the least due to his form at newcastle for the past few years. but after thinking about it, it's not really a bad move. he moved on a free transfer, put on a 'pay-as-you-play' contract on the cheap, and we needed another striker. i said we can get 12 goals out of him, but fergie set the bar at 15. i think it's possible, and i think he can play a good role as a sub in the bigger matches, and a starter against the lower level. it would be nice if he could become a super-sub like the babyfaced assassin, ole gunnar solskjaer. but that might be asking too much.

so who will fill the void on the right flank? antonio valencia. hopefully.

but let's talk about that another time. there is much more to be discussed.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

oh social networking...

usually, a person's first post on their blog basically states their intent of the blog, what they hope to achieve with it, a lame attempt to make you laugh, followed by a "enjoy my page and check back frequently" type message.

i'm not going to do that.

well, kind of.

ok so maybe i will (that takes care of my lame attempt to make you laugh).

this blog will be a wide variety of topics: my design work, things i've found interesting or inspiring, and noteworthy experiences and events in my life. of course, smashed in between all that goodness will be frequent rants about football.

while on that note, i will go over a few standard procedures of the blog.

1. it is football. not soccer. nor is it futbol, as i don't speak spanish. it involves a ball. you kick it with your foot. therefore, i will refer to it as such. if you think i am wrong, i can think of 6 billion people in the world who will agree with me.

2. i will always type in lower case. don't ask me why. i just do. i hand write all caps, yet i type in lower case.

3. sarcasm will be placed in as often as possible. i understand it is hard to pick up on in type format. you'll learn.

4. if you don't like today's post, tomorrow's will be better. guaranteed.

5. i enjoy feed back.

6. i have already accepted the fact no one may ever read this blog.

that having been said, i'll post as often as possible to keep you entertained.